Philanthropic and Community Partnership Requests

Black Acre Brewing Company’s main location suffered a fire in late 2019.  While we are closed and in the process of rebuilding we are ceasing all donations and focusing on getting back on our feet financially.  We appreciate your understanding and look forward to getting back to supporting our community once we re-open.

Black Acre Brewing Company has a strong commitment to supporting our local community.  We try very hard to be involved in as many events and philanthropic opportunities as we are able.  If you are interested in requesting something for your event, here are our criteria:

Things we do.  

    • We consider donation requests for gift cards and merchandise as well as select tasting events and taproom pint nights for 501(c)3 organizations.
    • All requests will be evaluated bimonthly.
    • We need to deal directly with someone from the organization who provides us with all the pertinent information (detailed below).
  • Donations must be picked up from our taproom at 5632 E Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46219

Things we don’t do.

    • Cash donations.  We pick only one non-profit partner every year to partner with for cash donations.  
    • We do not generally partner with organizations with religious or political purposes.  Exceptions are made for hyper-local organization or causes we feel strongly about.
    • We do not donate to professional groups, networking events, conferences, conventions or workshops
    • We do not donate to for-profit businesses even if they are raising funds for a non-profit.
    • We do not donate to universities, private institutions, or tuition based education
  • We do not provide donations for individuals and organizations including but not limited to scholarships, medical bills, financial hardships, etc.
    • We do not work with fraternity and sorority organizations, or with individual schools or universities
  • In order to spread out our donations, each organization is only eligible to be selected once per calendar year.


The more information we have, the more accurately we can evaluate if your event/cause is a good fit for us.  Please include the following information at least 30 days before the event/donation in each request sent via the form below.

    • Contact name and email
    • Tax ID #
    • Event date and time
    • Event location
    • Number of projected attendees
    • How will the raised funds be used in the organization
  • If requesting beer samples, how much beer is requested and do you provide a stipend.