About Us

Who We Are

Like so many things, Black Acre began with the utmost modesty; a three barrel brew system nestled in the heart of our taproom in Irvington. Worked almost entirely by hand, the original brew system was a true labor of love.

The unquenchable thirst of our patronage drove us to near insanity in our attempt to keep up with their insatiable demand. After several years of perpetual toil, in our futile attempt to just keep our taproom supplied, we upgraded to a 15bbl brew system in an offsite production facility.

Finally being able to comfortably supply our taproom, small distribution of draught followed. Then came more draught. Then came cans. Then a larger distribution range. Then new territories. Now our beers can be found throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Europe, and through the mail service, Tavour, and have been spotted at special events in Illinois and Ohio.

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