04 Oct 2015

Can We Do It? Yes, We Can.

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Hey everyone!

If you haven’t been to the brewpub recently, you may be out of the loop on all the awesome stuff we have going on. County-wide distribution is in full effect, we’re hosting Indy’s first barrel-aged only beer festival (called Barrels on Bonna) 10/10 and we’ve all been prepping for Halloween time in Irvington.

If you think that’s enough going on in one month, think again… Because we have officially started canning our Saucy Intruder Rye IPA and Natural Liberty APL! We sat down with Stephen Ruby, co-owner and head brewer, to discuss every can do (and can don’t) with our new cans.

Why cans? Why not bottles?

There are many reasons why we chose cans. One obvious reason: it is cheaper for us when it comes to the actual production and purchasing of the cans. The cans are more environmentally friendly and we think it does a better job keeping the quality of our product.

Also, it’s easier to take places. That’s a big thing, too! Growlers guarantee fresh beer and bottles will keep carbonation, but neither offer an efficient way to move the beer. Especially if you’re going to a party or to the pool. You can bring a bunch and leave some for your buddies.

Who came up with the design for the cans?

Lars Lawson from Timber Designs. He is known for his work with New Day Meadery and Hubbard and Cravens. We’ve been working with him for 2 years or so now.

We sat down with him to give us a feel for what we wanted aesthetic-wise and what the pub was going for (in terms of the beer). Minimalism was a big thing, so he worked the minimalism into that. He researched the legal history for a little more background, and ended up with a design that we’re really proud of.

Who cans your beer? What’s the canning process like?

Indiana Mobile Canning. They make the process pretty simple. Essentially, their whole system is set up in the back of a box truck. It takes them about an hour and a half to get everything going.

A pallet of cans are placed on top, feeding them into a line. They get moved into sets of four and get filled. Finally, the head gets attached, pressed down and sealed. It gets shot out, you put it into a four pack container. That gets put into a case. Once you have 6 in a case, you put it on a pallet.

Photo via Indiana Mobile Canning's Facebook page.

Photo via Indiana Mobile Canning‘s Facebook page.

Who makes your favorite canned beer?

I do love a good Miller High Life, I’m not even joking. But favorite canned beer? That’s a good question. I love Pinner from Oscar Blues. Osiris from Sun King is a great pale for the summer that you can take anywhere, along with Daredevil’s Liftoff and Flat 12’s Half Cycle. You can tell I’m on a hop kick. NOMADer WEISSE from Evil Twin is one of my favorite cans as well, it is a fantastic Berliner Weissebier.

But I think my favorite canned beer, because of the combination of the can and the beer itself, is Evil Twin’s Citra Sunshine Slacker. It’s a very nice 4.5% Citra Pale Ale that’s super refreshing. Plus, the can design is The Dude from The Big Lebowski, which is always in the running with my top favorite movies (along with Wayne’s World and Top Gun).

When should people expect to see 4 packs in stores?

We are going to see how the initial run goes through distribution at the tap room along with testing it in a few stores known for craft beer. We’ll see how we do with that. Hopefully we can see them in most stores throughout the county by the end of the year, but there is no set timeline.

Thanks for checking this out! We’re working on making the blog a more frequent thing. Need Black Acre daily? Check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for everything you need to know.

18 Jun 2015

We’re Back… from Outer Space!

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Hello again. Did you miss us? Yes, yes, we know we’ve sort of been MIA in the blogosphere. It wasn’t our fault, necessarily. See…after going a year with no bear attacks, they came out of the woodwork. Bears all up ins all the things. One of the biggest reasons we get out of bed in the morning is this one thing:  protecting you from bear attacks. We flat out refuse to let the bears take over Irvington. So we suited up, ate a couple ice cream sandwiches, and fought for the safety of our customers. Matt distracted the bears with one of his stimulating stories, and the rest, as most folks say, is history.


…But, we’re back, here to stay, and thanks to us fighting the good fight, we’ve had no bear attacks since 2012.

Anyway, three years ago we were just announcing our opening and since then we’ve been doing everything we can to bring Irvington the pre-prohibition style neighborhood brewery we sought to create. We’ve had over 100 beers on tap since 2012, and our American style IPA, the Saucy Intruder, has become our most popular brew. We have some of the raddest regulars and customer base that inspire us each and every day. Our Identity campaign won us TWO American Advertising Awards in 2014 for the Timber Design Co. Sales Promotion and Visual Elements. That was a mouthful, but it’s cool. We also dressed up for the Indiana Microbrewers Festival the past three summers, and plan to carry on the tradition this year with an epic theme.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.23.56 PM

So that’s where we’ve been. Conquering bears and concocting beers.


18 Feb 2015

Third Anniversary Party!

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Hey y’all!

We’ve been getting super pumped for our third year, and to celebrate we decided to make it three days of special tappings for all of you lovelies.    Here’s the schedule for the next few days, make sure you get in here and get it while it lasts!

Thursday:  Sour Day

  • Cuvee de Irvington – Flanders Red on pinot noir barrel
  • Go Home Raisins – Sour Belgian Dubbel with raisins on rye whiskey barrel
  • Wild Kolsch – Our Thirsty Reasons Kolsch fermented on a plethora of sour bugs.

Friday: High Gravity Day

  • Ghost Bees! – A 15.6% Braggot on a 2014 bourbon barrel
  • Gate Keeper – 9.2% Belgian Golden Strong
  • Noxious Beast – 11.3% Imperial version of our Saucy Intruder Rye IPA.

Saturday: Two Beers an Hour, Every Hour!

Saturday: 20 Beers being tapped all day!
$5 Half Pints of Special Tappings

* Quickening Scotch Ale
* Ghost Bees Braggot
* Space Car with Blood Orange Zest FIRKIN
* 2013 Barrel-Aged Beard Tax Russian Imperial Stout
* Blood Car – Space Car IPA infused with Blood Oranges
* Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Dagger Punch! ESB

* Earl Grey Vertical Sun Wit
* Coffee Infused Grenade Antidote Baltic Porter

* Architect’s Breakfast Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee Stout
* Anniversary Ale Bourbon Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale

* Whiskey Barrel Aged Belgian Blonde
* Coconut Saucy Intruder Rye IPA

* Holy F’in Mole Brown Ale infused with Mexican chocolate and spicy peppers
* Blood Orange-Coconut Noxious Beast Imperial Rye IPA

* Belgo Pie Belgian Oatmeal Porter with Coffee
* Bourbon Barrel-Aged Crapshoot Kentucky Common

* Space Bees – Space Car IPA blended with Ghost Bees Braggot
* Scotch Barrel-Aged Quickening Scotch Ale

* The Daggering Bourbon Barrel- Aged Scotch Ale blended with Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged ESB
* The Souring Maple Bourbon Barrel-Aged Quickening Scotch Ale soured with Lactobacillus


21 Feb 2012


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Hey there folks, big news: Black Acre will be open to the public starting this Wednesday (2/22/2012)! Now that we’ve sufficiently got you all excited, please keep reading for the fine details.
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19 Dec 2011

Cold Room and Brew System move-in

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It seems like we always say a lot has happened since our last post, but we’re going to have to say it again, a lot has happened since our last post. In many ways, our space is really beginning to make the transformation from simply our “space” and becoming our brewery.
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08 Dec 2011

Update time

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Construction-update time! Things over here have been going pretty, pretty, pretty good. Every advancement brings us one step closer to bringing you delicious beer. Without further adieu, a quick review! Sorry for that terrible rhyme.
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28 Nov 2011


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As many of you have probably noticed, there’s been a lot going on at the Black Acre space. While we’ve been providing quick updates on the Facebook page and Twitter, here’s a more in-depth overview of everything that has happened thus far.
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30 Jun 2011

Movin’ on up to the east side!

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It’s been a while since an update, but if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you already know the big news: we took possession of our space last week! After weeks of being up to our necks in paperwork, be it state or local permits, possession was just the boost we needed to get our spirits back up. Although it’s not much to look at right now, it’s still pretty exciting. As things start to move along, we’ll keep you updated with pictures, both here and on Facebook.
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16 May 2011

Glass Winners!

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As many of you know, voting has concluded on which glasses we should use for our half pints and high gravity beers. After several days of neck and neck results, the munique glass won with one vote over the brandy snifter.
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16 May 2011

Location Confirmed!

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