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The magical origin story of this thing happenin’ all began in probably the least exciting of settings: a legal writing class in the first year of law school in 2008. Woo. During one of those super-fantastic ice breaker things, Jordan piped up that his “interesting fact” was that he was a homebrewer. When it got around to Justin, he decided to be a total copy-cat and also mention homebrewing. Not long thereafter, Justin and his wife Holly, who had been brewing together since their heady days at IU undergrad, began brewing with Jordan and his forth oldest friend and then roommate Matt, who also began brewing together during their undergraduate tenure at Purdue. Another law student, Steve, joined the group in our second year of law school. We quickly found ourselves growing fresh hops in Holly/Justin’s backyard, and having around 15 five-gallon kegs fill up four refrigerators in their house. So naturally, in one of Jordan and Justin’s Trademark law classes, they started talking about sharing our love of brewing and great beer. We wanted to join in the incredible craft beer revolution of Indianapolis, with a focus on returning to the idea of a pre-prohibition style neighborhood brewery. Luckily, we found a wonderful partner in the Irvington neighborhood, which we fell in love with almost immediately, and a year later opened our doors.

Our brewery is a small 3 barrel (93 gallon) electric brewing system.  Our focus is on brewing specialty and seasonal ales, with a few stickin’ around on the regular.

For information on the brewery, check out the blog or send an email to info@blackacrebrewery.com

Our Blog