19 Dec 2011

Cold Room and Brew System move-in

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It seems like we always say a lot has happened since our last post, but we’re going to have to say it again, a lot has happened since our last post. In many ways, our space is really beginning to make the transformation from simply our “space” and becoming our brewery.

Before getting into the specifics of what all happened last week, we first have to thank our wonderful volunteers who came out to make the day go faster and smoother than it ever could have with just the five of us. So, Mike, Ericka, Seth, Jeff, Tod, Shaun, and Naji, thank you for all your help.

The day started with us unloading the disassembled cold room from its former home: Mike’s garage. Being an early part of the day, and most of us lacking caffeine at this point, we forgot to take pictures. Rest assured that it looked exactly like what you would expect taking sections of a broken down cold room out of a garage and putting them onto the truck would look like. After we were all loaded up, we drove off to the space for unloading.

After the cold room was unloaded, half of the team stayed behind to start building the cold room while the other half went to our storage unit to retrieve our brew system! Booyakasha!

After everyone was back together, we all set to work on getting the rest of the cold room set up.

The walls went up so quick, in fact, that we were able to have some lunch from our favorite local pizzeria.

After our lunch break, we brought the brew system into the brew room and put it into place. It isn’t functional yet, but this is what we will get to work with very, very soon.

Exciting isn’t it? The place is really starting to take shape. We hope you are just as excited about being able to come in and get our beer as we are to be able to serve it to you.

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  1. Dave ("Doc") Watson says:

    Greetings! Let me start by saying how excited I am about having your new Brew Pub come into the neighborhood! As a long time consumer of Craft Beers I look forward to your opening. I also feel your new business could be a trip wire to other new business, such as a live music venue, or even new night spots that would offer your many Brews! For years I have felt that the Irvington area could be a “hot bed” for the East Side.
    Thus, having your new venture coming in could lead us right into a whole new era! So let me now say “Congrats”,
    and wish all of you the very best of Luck!
    Cheers! Doc Watson……………….

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