08 Dec 2011

Update time

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Construction-update time! Things over here have been going pretty, pretty, pretty good. Every advancement brings us one step closer to bringing you delicious beer. Without further adieu, a quick review! Sorry for that terrible rhyme.

Last week, you saw the heaping mound of concrete that we pulled out to make way for our trench drains and plumbing. Now, we have trench drains and plumbing! Like the load of concrete from last week, it isn’t a particularly pretty picture, but in its own way it really is beautiful.

Then there’s our electric box, which is very, very pretty. Not to mention Tim the Toolman Taylor approved! In the constant pursuit for more power, an electric box the size of one of our founders certainly has to be a pretty epic milestone for our favorite mid-90’s handyman.

And then there’s our control panel…

No, not our control panel to launch nuclear weapons, although it certainly seems that it could be used that way. Alas, it is only the control panel for our brew system. Still, we’re going to have to put some serious security measures in place to make sure its powers don’t fall into the wrong hands. We’ll highlight those in a future post. Until then, we can only hope you can assuage your anticipation with a delicious fermented-grain beverage. Cheers!

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  1. Rita Kohn-NUVO says:

    great to see this progress– keep me posted at
    for NUVO Newsweekly Beer Buzz column

    It was nice to meet Mark Latta last weekend- good beer with good cheer

    awaiting news of opening
    Rita Kohn
    author True Brew

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