16 May 2011

Glass Winners!

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As many of you know, voting has concluded on which glasses we should use for our half pints and high gravity beers. After several days of neck and neck results, the munique glass won with one vote over the brandy snifter.

As promised, those who voted were automatically entered to win a free Black Acre glass. After a double blind test using a random number generator and an anonymous list was completed, we have our winners! They are:

Richard Lee
Colin Flora
Imanol Suarez-Palma
Bryan Conn
Jason Duarte
Scott Robichaux
Eric Hartz
Ross Graham
Jessica Price
Michael Wilson

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you all for participating! Winners, please e-mail us at info@blackacrebrewing.com to flush out all the details.

At Black Acre, we know that we cannot succeed without your help and input, and this poll is just the start of this trend. In the future, we will continue to consult with you via various methods and hope you continue to contribute your opinion.

Again, congratulations to the winners, and thank you all for participating!

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